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Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-6pm

By appointment only.

Seeking the best car care in and around Milton / Marlboro NY?  There’s no need to look further than Fresh Details | Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating. 

We strive to live up to our reputation as the industry standard in car detailing by going above and beyond for each and every one of our clients. 

We only use the best products and most innovative methods to fix up and detail your car so that it looks like it did when you bought it, or in some cases better!  

We’ve got you covered whether you need an exterior/interior detail, full paint correction or a ceramic coating.

Residents of Milton, Marlboro, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and surrounding Hudson Valley areas should visit Fresh Details for their auto detailing needs.

You can reach us at 845-622-6845 or 845-393-1116.  You can rely on us to get your car looking great again.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are a modern alternative to conventional sealants and waxes for protecting vehicles.  This means your car will be protected from the elements for a longer period of time. 

The paint is protected from environmental pollutants and the ceramic coating acts as a sacrificial layer.  In addition to keeping your car safe from the elements, this treatment will also give it a long-lasting, mirror-like shine.

 Ceramic coatings, when applied correctly, can protect your car for years while making it look like new. 




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Auto detailing is more than just a wash and vacuum; it’s a meticulous process that restores your car to its pre-wash condition.  Inside and out, every area of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and refurbished using specialized tools and methods.  In addition to shielding your car’s paint from environmental hazards like UV rays and insects, protective coatings are applied to maintain the vehicle’s appearance.  Bringing your car to Fresh Details for detailing not only enhances its exterior appearance but also keeps the interior clean and pleasant.  We treat your vehicle as if it were our own, taking the time to detail every inch using the best products and techniques.  With our attention to detail, your car not only looks great but also maintains its value over time.  

So why wait?  Book your appointment with Fresh Details today and experience the difference!


With a broad range of specialized services, we can revamp the appearance of your vehicle effectively. You can expect exceptional service and value for your money. We are experienced with all different detailing and paint protection services for cars, trucks and boats!

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Quality Service

We’re proud of the excellent service we provide to each and every one of our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

With a 5 Star Rating, over 150+ satisfied customers in the Ulster, Orange & Dutchess County areas have placed their trust in us.

Ceramic Coating Warranty

We offer warranties on select applications of ceramic coatings and stand behind the professional grade products we use. 

Client Reviews 

At Fresh Details, we believe that customer satisfaction should be our top priority. We work hard to provide each and every one of our clients with a premium detailing experience that exceeds their expectations.  Whether you need a simple wash and wax or a comprehensive interior and exterior detailing, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right.  So why not join our list of satisfied customers and see for yourself why we’re one of the highest-rated auto detailers in the Hudson Valley area?

We are incredibly proud to have received numerous 5-star ratings from our clients on both Google and Facebook. Here are just a few examples of the kind words that our satisfied customers have shared about their experience with us:

Elissa Greene
Great service and very detailed oriented. Customer service was phenomenally. I would definitely recommend this company.
Mara Kassoff
Taking our Mazda CX-5 to Doug at Fresh Details was THE BEST decision! We were so impressed with Doug's detailing work, his incredible professionalism, and how responsive he was during the entire booking and detailing process. We'll definitely be back and we'll definitely be taking our other car to Doug, too!
Carly Smith
Absolutely jaw dropping results! Douglas made my 2013 audi Q5 look BRAND NEW. The thing sparkles. He was so nice and super quick. Really appreciated him being really flexible with drop off times. Zero complaints. Also, I bought the car used and it always bothered me that the Audi decal on the steering wheel had a lining of dust and grime. I forgot to mention it to him, and when I got the car back, it was GONE. The attention to detail is incredible. I have been looking for a go-to place in the Newburgh area for a while and I have officially found it! Thanks for an awesome experience, Douglas! I will be back!
Shaina P
I come from a car family, so I have high standards for detailing. Fresh Details did an amazing job on my husband's car! He did not even know it could look that good. I am impressed with Fresh Details' attention to detail, professionalism, and flexibility. Car detailing is now my go to gift for my loved ones.
Harrison Conn
Doug was very good to work with, communication could not have been better. He sent me updated photos of my car throughout the day and did some extra polishing in places for no charge at all. I was very pleased with how my vehicle came out and will definitely be going back.
From beginning to end, Doug sets the standard for auto detailing. I found him through a friend of mine who’s vehicle was dirtier than dirty. When I saw the magic Doug performed on the interior of his, I knew I had to have him clean the exterior mine as well. He was even able to fit me in before a vacation. I have never had a vehicle detailed before, and have always been pretty hesitant of spending the money on it when “I could just do it myself” HA.HA. Yea right- What Doug does to vehicles is literally perform miracles on them. I had some reoccurring black lines from dirt on my white paint that have always given me trouble coming off. Not a problem for Doug…He turned my Ford Transit camper van into a mirror…literally! His prices are fair and his work is top notch. Now that I have peeled the bandaid off, Fresh Details will be working on my other two vehicles AND my Harley when it’s ready for a wash. Doug is super friendly, explains everything fully and really does and great job, taking his care while cleaning your vehicle. Stop waiting and make the decision- Take it to Doug and Fresh details. You will not regret it!! I am so happy with how my rig turned out. Thanks Doug!
Joseph Martino
I brought my wife’s 2022 Toyota Highlander to Douglas to get detailed today. We are so pleased. I never thought it would be as clean as the day We drove it off the lot. Thank you
John Robinson
If you are looking for professional detailing look no further than Fresh Details in Milton NY The attention to detail and cleanliness was excellent Every step was explained with a variety of packages and additional options available
Karen Cantone
Exceptional service! My car looked and smelled brand new after Fresh Details serviced my car! Every inch of my car was cleaned & polished to perfection. Very professional & friendly. I highly recommend Fresh Details for all of your car detailing needs. I will definitely be using them again! Thank you Fresh Details!🙂
Anthony Zebrowski
So for mothers day my wife wanted her 2017 acura mdx detailed and boy did Doug owner of fresh detail did absolute amazing job!!! She was 100% happy, happy wife happy life! Thanks doug!

Seeking the best car care in Milton / Marlboro NY? There’s no need to look further than Fresh Details. We only use the best products and most innovative methods to fix up and detail your car so that it looks like it did when you bought it. We’ve got you covered whether you need an exterior / interior detail, full paint correction or a ceramic coating. You can reach us at 845-622-6845 or 845-393-1116 to set up a convenient appointment time.